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Life is not certain and not everything you have planned works according to the plan. I am not into the idea of the New Age Movement, the law of attraction. The myth that whatever happens to you is because attracted to your life. Their point is you are the one who went to the bank and ask for a loan. Therefore, you are responsible. Fair enough. High interest over your neck is what you have attracted. But what if you were facing life and death and your credit record is good? Let’s leave New Age Movement out of this, back…

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It is possible that one of the reasons you ever fighting with no solution in almost every kind of relationship is because you are on each other’s neck. Your partner can’t breathe because you are forever squeezing his hand so that the world can applaud the beauty of love from you. I applaud too. Kiss each other in public for the world to know. Meanwhile, the bedroom at home is a courtroom all night long. Well played in pleasing the world yet losing your relationship bits. When your partner asks for space it might not always mean he is fed…

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It is everyone’s hope to never live life with regrets but unfortunately, we do have plenty. In fact, life with no regrets is nothing but positive denial. I know you were expecting me to apply that stupid new age belief, the power of positive thinking. Regrets come into being in everyone’s life when you have disclosed information prematurely. When you have taken actions and reacted to circumstances unnecessarily. Avoid speaking when you are still angry. It is possible that you might say things you will regret later.

I have learned that in life excitement aside and face the facts always…

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When some of the Church leaders get busted for their dirty laundry, my first response is that they are also humans. They make mistakes and sometimes deliberately. I always say the difference between your associate pastor and one caught is that one hasn’t been busted yet.

If your Church is keeping you from your own immediate family, friends, and loved ones, it is not far from a cult. When you spend the whole week doing all church activities except if you’re not an employee of that church, there’s a problem. On many occasions, it’s the members of the church that…

The future has always been unclear

Try to ask your teenage boy or girl where do they see themselves in the next five years. Rated as top in number of followers on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube best vlogger of the year. Not what you would expect as a 1980’s younger you, right? You accuse them of lack of ambition. Go and read newspapers and watch prime time news.

It is not always junk and there is always good that you can take. It becomes junk when you realise someone was selling you what you already have.

Dreams and aspirations…

When you are married and having an affair it’s considered as cheating. I for one too believe so but some debators have a different view. I once had a conversation with my ex girlfriend about similar topic. She then shared a story about few guys who argued about the same thing. They said if both of you are not married, having an affair is not cheating. It is just exploring. Their argument is there is no vow as far as marriage ni concerned. I would say simple because you both still tick single when filling out forms.

Maybe you will…

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When my friend and I were invited to a free financial Seminar in Cape Town, South Africa we bought into it. I was very cautious with the fact that it was for free and we both agreed there is a hidden agenda. I told him there is no way someone would fly all over from the USA to South Africa and offer a free Seminar. We knew there is a catch. We attended in any way. …

A relationship is learning someone till death or break up

We get hurt when our loved ones depart because that course of knowing each has never been finished. They depart while we’re still on page one first paragraph in knowing them. Either by death or just end of the road, a break up.

In as much as our approach in a new relationship is getting to know each other better. We never get to the bottom of it untill we break up or “til death do us part.”

When you become attracted to someone else the most courageous step is approach. …

Suround yourself with people who are also not like-minded too

It is a good thing to ask advice from those who are ahead of you in your craft. We all know and have heard the phrase, 'surround yourself with like-minded people.’ It means you’ll end up agreeing in everything. No challenge at all. Boring life. Isn’t it?

Imagine you are a doctor spending your whole day in the surgery or office your practice. When you’re off spending another day with other doctors. I mean the only thing you’re talking about every five minutes is medicine and traumatic experiences about your patients. How boring such a life.

I believe it is…

Benefits of both positive and negative feedback

Two friends have come on my case twice in life. Since then I’ve realised two criticism that either help or you allow one to destroy you. One friend was concerned about errors in my writing and sent a message to let me know of many mistakes in that particular piece. I took that as just as a mere incostructive criticism. She never get to point out where i should take corrective actions. Her feedback was just to destroy what was growing. I never took it personal but promise myself never to expect much from her.

It was then another friend…

Malibongwe Sithelo

I'm a freelance writer, a runner and a public servant in South Africa. I write about everyday life experiences.

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