Daylight scammers called Trinity still on the run in South Africa

A community of Mossel Bay, KwaNonqaba and surroundings in the Southern Cape popular known as the Garden Route has yet faced another pandemic. This time is the one and only famous daylight robbery, the stokvel and or pyramid schemes kinda. Three men ripped off residents of that particular community for months of their hard earned income.

It is also believed that many have invested and promised a lot of returns on their deposits. One was scammed of R60 000 in return of R342 000 back by April of 2021. Just right there, figures are not corresponding with regards to interest charged in South Africa.

Last weekend I paid my family a visit to hear such shocking news of three masterminds behind the so called Trinity. I wasn’t aware of what it was until I had to refer it to old one called MMM that also raked the field of poor South Africans. Among the people who were scammed are well educated government officials and Church leaders. The question is do we fall into the same trap or the masterminds keep on manipulating the desperate and less fortunate?

Yes we are desperate especially during this hard time we are facing of the pandemic. The three Musketeers as my cousin Lulama calls them are still on the run. They are definitely going to another desperate province. The last time they were tracked, it’s believed to have been near the Northern Cape still at large.

These thugs played their cards very well from the beginning. When the nation was mourning for the death of a woman who was murdered in the same the area they came to drop cash, handy. They lied using that platform to say she, the deceased invested a lot. Now they’ve decided to bring it in cash so that no one robbed her family of her belongings.

Never assume that everyone is crying the tears of loss. One is crying those crocodile tears to prey on destitudes. The poor is always going to be the target as long as the authorities are playing hide and seek instead of initiating laws that will persecute the money launderers and murderers.

Be on lookout of them. They speak nicely the words you want to hear. Never fall into any of these matter how desperate you are. Do not make any decision while under pressure.

The Hawks(FBI’s of South Africa kinda) are on their case. Be on guard if it sounds too good to be true, it is. Listen to your inner voice. We’ll call these thugs into books shortly.

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Malibongwe Sithelo

I'm a freelance writer, a runner and a public servant in South Africa. I write about everyday life experiences.