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Invest in yourself — your health

I am not going to sell you financial tips as to how to grow rich in 10 seconds. I am not a financial expert neither and health guru whatsoever. I only speak from experience, talk about what works, work, and what never worked for me. The greatest place to invest your time, money, and other resources are in yourself. You're health matters because you have to be ready for the next day.

I run most of the time and hardly do workouts. I do stretch either after or before running and trust me not so often. Running can cause so many injuries as you make progress in your daily sessions. It is because your body is getting used to a new normal. You really need to change the routes often. If you can afford to buy more than one pair of running shoes, please do so. Indeed, you need to rest in between your running sessions. That works for me, you may not follow the same, the bottom line is to find what works for you but make sure you become so active, exercise, and or run, cycle, swim.

Imagine mastering your financial needs and social life yet unhealthy. I am not going to advise anything to drink, eat and ritual to practice. It is as simple as getting up every morning, afternoon, or midday whichever time fits for you and run. Exercise if that’s best to do. I hate running but it is the only thing that works for me. I gained weight in 2018/19 until one lady complimented me of looking fit but with a big tummy. It didn’t sit well but at least I had something to work on, a clear understanding of which part of me that’s unpleasant.

I went back to running every now and then and trust me my clothes are bigger now. I don’t go to the gym but I run. Sometimes 5km faster, 21km, and 10 or 8km in between. I do those long runs like 21km on weekends. I tried to do things like pushups yet my tummy wasn’t getting any better. I realized that when I run there is a balance in my body. The movements are interchangeable, which means my whole body is in action. I had to dedicate the little time I have just to be healthy so that I can go to work again physically fit, energized, and well.

I always wanted to know how do people who claim to be hustlers get time to look at their own health. Those who keep on saying they have to stay awake, never sleep, because sleeping is for the poor and lazy. Sleeping is part of the package for your physical health though. To avoid burnout in all your hustle life, one will need to work out, exercise, and or run a couple of blocks if not daily. Your health matters as you will have maybe sleepless nights trying to find new ideas for your business, family matters, and of course a healthy couple is a happy couple. Time is what you need to invest in your daily schedules, run, exercise, and take walks.