No substitute for exercise and running

When I started taking running seriously was around 2007 after reading a book and it was just about entrepreneurship. To be introduced to physical health from the first page was a wake-up call for me. I thought at first, I was going to be taught straight away about making money. Well, with my surprise the whole first chapter was about health and fitness. Yeah, indeed there is no point to be able to reach your peak in business, finance, and boom you are wealthy yet unhealthy. My first race was 21km — Gun Run in Cape Town. The longest was the Cape Town Marathon 42km and Two Oceans Marathon, 56km. Let’s face it no company wants to hire sick and mostly inactive people. You will feel discriminated if that is mentioned in an interview.

One quote I loved the most was: “take care of your body because that’s the only place you have to live in.”

Christians call it “Temple of the Holy Spirit- your body.” I understood it in a way that you need to take care of yourself but some interpret as “never fornicate.” That’s so dubious and nonsense. Your body as a whole deserves all that’s necessary and too much of anything becomes a problem. It is my understanding. Abuse of anything becomes an addiction and that’s not healthy. I am subject to be corrected. I love people who dance a lot because to me it’s like a double portion, physical and emotionally fit. I certainly don’t believe in lots of drugs and all the supplements. Exercising and running is the best and free therapy so they say and they are right. Waking up in the morning when you don’t feel like doing it pays at the end of the day, your physical health.

There are so many benefits if you frequently exercise and run. The one people barely talk about is that service, the bedroom service. Under those covers. My friend some of the reasons you don’t perform especially men, is your lack of physical strength. If you don’t last when having sex chances are you are don’t exercise and your body gets exhausted easily. Brother, it is a defeat if you lose at your home ground. Your sex drive depends on your physical ability. I advise run, exercise and forget about the supplements. If you take those energy drinks you might be killing yourself if you don’t exercise to free up space in your heart. The blood needs to flow but if you stuff it with energy drinks, you might go through a heart attack later in life. I am not a doctor, I am only talking from experience and what works for me.

One last thing is enough sleep. Even if you train day in day out, 7 days a week 365 days a year including Christmas and Haloween or Guy Folkes if you don’t sleep, chances are one day your body will tell you. You are not going to like it. One friend of mine told me a story of a nurse who took all the shifts and slept only a few hours a day. She managed to build a beautiful house with many rooms, the car of her choice and the stuff. When she decided to take a nap one day, she couldn’t wake up. That was the end of her. Never got to live in that house, drove her dream car only because she didn’t take much care of her body, lack of sleep.

I used to work more than two jobs until someone said: “if you don’t sleep enough you accelerate your aging.”

You can always try every drug to lose weight, cut some curbs, free-range that and take one pill after every meal, if you don’t accompany that with exercise, waste of time. The proper diet I believe works well if your body is exercised and active. Fast and eat after 100 days I don’t care if you don’t exercise still you be back to square one the day you eat. I mean all the doctors know it very well that when all is checked, boxes ticked healthwise, you need to exercise my friend. Run at least two to three days in a week accompanied by exercise or workouts depending on what you prefer.

I strongly believe we are also running creatures, it’s just that we don’t want to associate ourselves into it as it demands more energy and endurance. Mostly you will have to reprogram your mind to always be ready. You can have all the abs, six packs etc. but that doesn’t guarantee healthy buddy. Your doctor as well needs to be paid a visit now and then. Yoga, I haven’t really tried but I sometimes hear good feedback from those who practice it. Work out what’s good for you.



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Malibongwe Sithelo

Malibongwe Sithelo

I'm a freelance writer, a runner and a public servant in South Africa. I write about everyday life experiences.