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3 min readSep 2, 2021
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Nomonde’s Sex Slavery True Story by a clergyman

I was not ready for what I’ve heard from a lady who seemed to be fine and looked happier than anyone. Nothing of an abused background nature on her appearance. That’s how strong she is up to this day. Was she hiding the reality behind that superactive character? I really don’t know. A pastor and advocate by profession raped Nomonde (not her real name) religiously ever since she was 14 years. She recalls the day it all started by the condition of the weather. This all happened in one of the villages near Sterkspruit in the Eastern Cape, South Africa.

It was cold and wet as she is asked to accompany this pastor or preacher. When they arrived where they were meant to meet the only thing she was shown with no idea what to do with it was the preacher’s dick. Bluntly as you read this the teenager was introduced to a new ritual. Sucking and being penetrated without her consent.

It all started with promises of course as Nomonde was with other ladies preparing for a funeral service of her late father. It was due the following Saturday. This happened on a Thursday of the winter season in South Africa.

Her life in fulfilling this man’s sexual desires without her consent continued. She took advantage of her as she was without any source of income nor her parent's support because they were both now no longer alive. Taking her to the best schools, clothing, and feeding her was the promise. She took her to those schools organized her own transport special for her every day to and fro school.

Nomonde’s life with other teenagers was cut short as she was this advocate and man of the cloth’s sex slave. Manipulated the young girl by always giving her money to brainwash her so she can feel obliged to do whatever he needed. He was married.

When Nomonde got sick she was booked to see a genealogist because her womb and vagina were sore. The results came that whoever penetrated her was too rough. The advocate preacher was present and the Doctor wasn’t aware the perpetrator was him. He was old enough to be her father I would have made that assumption too. The worst of it all on their way home advocate informed her that the only way for her to recover is if he keeps penetrating. He went to bed with her, raped her again. Straight from the genealogist.

It was reported that a boy was knocked over by a car of which the advocate's car mirror was broken that same day. The victim was Nomonde’s same teenage boyfriend. Advocate Man Of God was jealous and hated his existence. This supposed man of the cloth still preaches on national radio and Television Media Houses in South Africa to date.

When I asked Nomonde if she ever reported this to any elders in the family she said yes and no one did anything. The man of God is known to be one of the community leaders. Feeds the poor, buys less fortunate school kids' uniforms and supports local clubs financially.

Her cry fell into deaf ears as no one believes her. I asked how did she escape? Her response was to leave her own village and traveled to the Western Cape one of South Africa's provinces. Nomonde can’t bear children. No one knows if it is natural or a result of being forcefully raped while still young.

This man abused his power over her. She recalls the night when she was fast asleep with her cousins to be woken up gun pointed. It was the advocate himself as he claimed to have been waiting for her and she didn’t show up. She said nothing and felt powerless even to cry. He left angry.

There are so many young girls that this man is still known to be manipulating. He gets away with it at ease. How? No one knows. There are so many stories of women in South Africa raped in the name of God. It is the only crime left unresolved so far. It is because done by people who are in law practice and in the pulpit. Not all Churches are sacred spaces anymore.

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