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One goal for the whole new year

When I began this year I had all the plans in place but my number one was to get out of debt. I don’t know if I am lacking in the area of drafting goals. I find it difficult too if some of the most pressing ones from the previous year are not achieved. I don’t even know if the list in front of me is a wish list or dream list for the upcoming year. I wanted to be financially independent so dearly. I told myself for the first few months I will only focus on paying off accounts. Let's face it life always evolve around money nowadays. This means though, I have no goals at all except one. Every year some people do what they call New Years Resolution. There is nothing bad about that at all. It is a good idea because you first reflect on the year that was and promising yourself to make it up next year. What is not so cool about it is when you don’t stick to your plan. It is as bad as not prioritizing at all. I make progress towards my dreams by means of prioritizing. I cannot manage time at all because the clock ticks and every minute marches on. Irrespective of whether I produce anything the time is not manageable. Time manages itself my job is to stick to my goals if I have ones. Do the first things first. I get so exhausted when I read and listen to people’s advises about tips on how to manage your time, finances and relationship. My problem is that sound like a load that someone is selling to me.

First, it is about their way of doing things not mine. My finances differ from theirs, relationship and how I get organized looking at the same clock as everyone. You know what, I don’t really have any plans except the same one, Financials. I am still going to focus on money and do my best to manage it. See the problem is I am struggling to organize one financial adviser because he/she will be still telling me the basics first, such as budgeting. Pay yourself first, save more, spend less and invest wisely. Pride rises up right there because I make that statement as an excuse in affording one financial adviser. Maybe I should put that down for next year as goal number two, find a financial adviser. I consider myself very lucky to have studied a bit of accounting and Maths. My expense doesn’t really have to exceed my income every month as a result of impulse buying. I must make sure that I differentiate yet again this coming year between a need and a want. See, same old. Okay, I do need to listen to those who have achieved what I really want to achieve. I need to talk to Real Estate Gurus, Property Owners, Media Experts as to how to run those businesses without always on the sinking boat. Maybe the lessons to learn when the boat sinks. In this coming year, I will definitely focus only on my finances and forget about relationship goals, because I will be still with the same crazy person as last year. There won't be so many changes because I bet she wants me as a changed and better person every year. I think we’ll make rules for the new year as we go. I am trying my best to work smart to better our finances.

Keeping your finances in balance helps. I am such a boring person because I keep track of everything I spend money on a daily basis. It is a real habit that comes with results. It is better to know where the money went and coming from always. It is okay to be called broke for some time but if you do know the ins and out from your bank account, then you are happy somebody. There is nothing so being financially liberated as having a little bit of money if no sum throughout the month. It is a good feeling when the next payday approaches you still have some cash in your bank account. I have been a happy chap for the last couple of months toward finishing this year.

“Money is the answer to everything”

It brings happiness as I have mentioned that everything revolves around money. I keep the receipts just for reference and off course when someone claims I never paid. I sometimes give always where there is a need and I do have money, food and clothes to give away. The best time to enjoy your wealth is not when you spend only on yourself but with your loved ones, others and for a great course. When you can change someone else’s life besides yourself happiness is guaranteed and you will be motivated to make more so that you can add value to less fortunate and society.

Nobody really cares if I’ll be in shape this year by going to the gym or running. So I might as well stop making it as if I am doing anyone a favour but myself. It is the right thing to stay healthy. No need to set it as a goal. It was a goal a few years ago and I couldn’t afford the gym as I was broke. I had to rely on running outdoors and buy affordable training equipment. So it all come down to money, see. Finally, I am going on a vacation this coming year. I will go back into participating on running races. I will do that and that only because the weight is getting off my shoulders a bit. So I am getting relieved financially.

“both the love of money and lack thereof is the root of all evil”

Have you ever wondered why not everyone listens when you speak? What do you know? Those who have a lot of money want more and will do what it takes to maintain that standard. It is either one keep making money out of the desperate and destitute with a promise of more, greediness. Scams and pyramid schemes keep evolving. One wins the lottery and few weeks broke because it was never a priority to educate him/herself financially. Let me conquer this year by mastering that one and only goal, finances.



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Malibongwe Sithelo

Malibongwe Sithelo

I'm a freelance writer, a runner and a public servant in South Africa. I write about everyday life experiences.