Suround yourself with people who are also not like-minded too

It is a good thing to ask advice from those who are ahead of you in your craft. We all know and have heard the phrase, 'surround yourself with like-minded people.’ It means you’ll end up agreeing in everything. No challenge at all. Boring life. Isn’t it?

Imagine you are a doctor spending your whole day in the surgery or office your practice. When you’re off spending another day with other doctors. I mean the only thing you’re talking about every five minutes is medicine and traumatic experiences about your patients. How boring such a life.

I believe it is also refreshing to spend time with people either than those of the same flock. Being birds of the same flock that fly together sometimes might so daunting. I guess it helps to others as well to date someone who’ll be talking about something else. Otherwise it might be tough to leave office stress only to find it at home.

To spend time with others you are also not like-minded also revive your curiosity. You sort of get more interested in others than yourself.

To grow you have to ask others who have done what you’re looking for. It is very interesting to know how other people from different sectors survive, approaches daily life challenges. You learn to sharpen your axe from the like-minded. But from others who are not you get inspired to do better and it excites to hear that someone else from outside admires your job.

When I was still a student I used to read books during exams that were not part of my syllabus. I did that during breaks when I am practicing Maths. Read a magazine about maybe cars, fiction, short stories. It helped me to refresh.

People go to bars not only for drinking but to also make friends. Accountants should visit hospitals without being patients to be there maybe it will help suppress the stress sometimes. Married people i believe can also spend time with single otherwise couples talking to other couples might be boring too.

Celebrities maybe can date anyone not to be subject in dating one another.

I'm a freelance writer, a runner and a public servant in South Africa. I write about everyday life experiences.

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