The break a relief

We are always alert with negative people and the only advice that is always there is, to stay away from those kinda people. It is indeed a piece of good advice but I also believe that negative people are necessary at some point. They are like a gauge, an odometer from an automobile. You can only see the condition of your car by always checking the warnings. In life, we see how bad or good we are as we hang around different people. Negative people help you to learn something new maybe. To learn what not to do. They are like an obstruction that only you can get yourself out of it.

Distractions too are there to help you see if you can notice and make a progress. You will only get consumed and lose focus when you stay longer among negative people. They will drain your energy by choice. It is your responsibility to watch out your morals. The amount of time you spend hanging around with them might cause such an influence over yourself. The issue of them being toxic can only be identified once you meet one and you make your way out having learned a couple of things. Not to do what they do, how they talk, watch, even read.

The good news is I have already taken action on that decision. Shutdown some social networks except google for Gmail, Map and for searching engine purposes of course. I did not really have to announce my move beforehand to my tribe. It can be as unfair as it is but chances no one have noticed as they are not deactivated. I have a strange policy,

“if it’s important an email, call and SMS will be much reliable”

Let’s talk about social media. The power of social media in our lives. Long before mobile phones existed we lived. Long before we own them we could conversate. It is of course cost effective to use in today’s world. WhatsApp is almost free but you will need to upload data bundles to have access to the internet. Once you are online off you go, chat to the whole world and before you know it time passed, having done not much but to keep up with friends. I used to think a voicemail and voice note services were meant to be relevant at the absence of the receiver. Nowadays, we use voice note in replacement for a live conversation to save money in buying airtime for a call. Have we become so unloving that a minute of a conversation will cost you a load? Ok, aways with the costs on data and airtime. I have decided to shut down from most networks to focus on certain things in my life that won’t necessarily rely on social media to resolve.

I am getting away with distraction and addiction to spending most of the time reading statuses and comment on everyone’s wall. It almost feels like you have done something great for the day as soon as you post something and someone presses a like button. Lured to the thought that you made sense or your picture great not knowing sometimes it means “noted” to some. Not necessary liked. We are so engaged to everything posted as if there is much of great reward at the end of the day. Yeah, all of a sudden we find ourselves as a motivational speakers, vloggers of some sort.

I have realized that being addicted to social media keep me on the level of mediocre. There are projects and in fact, everything that we do nowadays requires social network connections. I decided to go for such rehabilitation. My time gets wasted by staying online commenting and sending messages. I have to rely on emails for a while. Meaning, Gmail is up running and besides everything important get to be emailed to me. I wanted to create time for writing, reading, running, exercising, cooking, talking or calling the Madame. Even though she gets bored with the same question every day like “how was your day and work?” But at least I am will pay attention when she speaks without trying to keep up with the tribe on the inbox and updated wall statuses. I will be updated even in my relationship now without having to catch up but in the present moment always. Well, everyone definitely saying, “You need to discipline yourself when it comes to social media than this self-torture”. I suppose this is part of discipline. I chose this way. You can always have it your own way I’ll just have mine.

“Discipline is doing what you said you will do irrespective of the circumstances”

It is a challenge to unlearn a habit and fight addiction. It is a waste of time to me compared to what I should have done if I never stay online just to chat. I regret because I have just learned a good thing that it’s bad to keep up with everyone on social media. It is a killer to my productivity and creativity.

Taking a break is vital for me for some time. I have done much at least as far as talking to my brother over the phone without me waiting for blue ticks on WhatsApp to be upset if he doesn’t reply instantly. I can now get time to read a book while commuting when everyone else around me on their mobiles chatting. Maybe some are doing the same thing as I do, reading a book on their phones. I mean don’t get me wrong everything is done on the mobile phone nowadays. I am free for some time from the notifications that will tempt me to look. Well, I know your argument will be “you can silent notifications”. This is all my fault. I engaged myself too much on social media. I have to rescue myself too. It is not everyone’s problem. I created the music now I ought to dance or ditch.

It is a relief that I don’t have to worry about missing a chat by looking at the phone all the time. Sometimes my time gets wasted by just having a look at it and finds nothing. This almost became second nature. I will only be woken up by incoming calls and text messages. A relief. I rescued myself. I am so proud of me. It helps to take a break during your daily task so also from your uninterrupted commitment on social media.

I'm a freelance writer, a runner and a public servant in South Africa. I write about everyday life experiences.