Malibongwe Sithelo
3 min readDec 5, 2021
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There is nothing permanent in life

The excitement we have when falling in love with someone new and different is only temporary. It is like a well-planned event or project of life experiment. Life itself is not permanent. We are all vulnerable to heartbreaks now and again. Let’s just get used to it. The pain of losing a loved one is only temporary. Poverty too is supposed to be temporary. The pandemic itself can be for a period of time. We all want to get to the point when it’s all gone. Even though the pain of being hurt seems to take longer to heal, eventually all of that will be history. You only realize later in life that certain things happen as accidents, being unlucky,y and uncontrollable. Happiness easily gets interrupted by disappointments.

We anticipate better tomorrow, good life, and exciting love life. All humans are hoping for a problem-free lifestyle one day. It wouldn’t have made sense to tell Syrians more than 5 years ago that the ISIS crisis is only temporary. The chaos there was severe, civilians dying innocently. Nothing stays the same always. We hear of many rumours of war elsewhere and our attention will soon be gone from the current crisis.

The excitement of being in a new relationship is only temporary. You only stress about bills on payday. It doesn’t matter whether you have the highest positive attitude 365/7/24 is not the same. You can always attend yoga classes in the middle of the sea your bills will be still waiting for you. Love is only temporary. Commitment is a lifetime decision. Your birth certificate will one day be replaced by your death certificate. It is also true that you can fool people most of the time but not all the time. Keep playing the game of scamming people, but soon someone will outplay you and you will be history. Sell them dreams one day you will meet your match. The only thing that will be hardly replaced is the internet.

Some friends may be forever but many are for a season and for a specific mission with you. New obligations and commitments in your life make solid friendships and some family relations temporary. It is not only because someone has just gone cold. Time and seasons change, so are relationships. Some people, friends, and associates are for all four seasons of life. There are there for a lifetime. I do hope one day we do understand some people are meant to be in our lives for a day, month, or year. Nothing stays the same in all of that process. Make every time you meet some the best time. I was just dropping off a friend and I was attracted to this particular lady across the road. I decided to call her and told her how I feel about her in the presence of my other passengers. Who cares? What it that’s the only thing I had to do to feel good for the day? What if it was my last day and yet holding on to something I could have released? The pain of being rejected is also temporal after all.

One of the reasons you’re still holding on is because you are a man or woman of his word, committed to the course. Unemployment is only temporary. The only that stresses you and me is the season and the pain of being jobless. I have realized too that a perfect day to do what you’ve long wanted to do and say barely comes. Instead, you move closer by doing all you have to do today. If you sacrifice time and day to be happy for the future then you might get disappointed.

Malibongwe Sithelo

I'm a freelance writer, a runner and a public servant in South Africa. I write about everyday life experiences.