Weight War

There is no such a hardest challenge such as fighting your own weight. It takes longer to lose it but to gain, faster. I took a short break while I was on leave from running. My biggest mistakes and regrettably accept it is my own fault. There is no need to take a break from yourself, your health. It is absolute nonsense and silly excuse of me blaming vacation. This was actually the right time to exercise and run as I was in an area with mountains and hills.

Have you ever tried to justify the fact that you are nothing more than just being fat. I had to keep on having that negative mindset so that I can do something about my weight. Sometimes your family is afraid you might take an offense to tell you that you have just gained, that means in my case, “Fat”.

I had to get back on the road as soon as possible. The only thing that is helping me is the experience, because sometimes I don’t feel like going on but that mindset “you have to finish this”, keeps coming. I have decided to take own challenge of running not less than 15km in all my running sessions at least for now.

One of the most challenging facts about weight is when your friends, family and loved ones notices and make very nice comments to make you feel good like, “you have picked up some weight”, “ no stress nowadays, I can see.” So, even when people are trying to help you by telling you in a polite way, you just go to “body shaming mode.”

Well, on that one my friend go straight to the point and tell me to lose some of it. It is so challenging because one way or another you sort of trying to runaway from the fact that you lost the momentum. One of my running mates told us he’s retiring from running. I said to him, “but you can’t retire from yourself. Physical wellness, health and fitness ought to be a lifestyle and it’s for life-time buddy.”

One of the most challenging part of this war on weight is when still your loved ones get worried when you completely lost the it, thin and very skinny. All of a sudden they are specialist assuming it’s either you are sick. I was so supper skinny at some point and I thought when I took a pic as usual and posted of my social networks while in the beach everyone pressed “like” button. I had so many likes thinking everyone likes me. Only to realise later most were concerned about my loss of weight. One asked, “what happened?” Even then I didn’t get the question I thought it was just for something else. I only picked up later, my weigh loss. Eh! I was like I just finished my 56km race and that was my 23rd race for that year. So what do you expect from someone who runs a race almost every weekend?

I guess that’s why people keep record of their progress and post it so that at least outsiders won’t make wrong assumptions. That’s just my exageration, your life depends on you not to everyone, and besides, it’s none of their business.

“never try to overthink whether to run or exercise today, just dress up for the occasion.”

That’s what I do nowadays. I will be hyper in my mind for running after work. As soon as I get home, “whether is bad, I will do it later in the evening, tomorrow.” Never try to think about running if you’ve already schedule the time and day for it. Just do it you will grateful from the first few minutes of your sessions as if you are going to be paid for it. It’s your life after all and your weight you are fighting. No need to fight “the body shaming”, comments from your haters. hahaha!

It takes almost a week to a month to lose weight a bit if you are so consistent in fighting it. But it takes only a day or two to gain once you skip more than usual. Let’s say you run five days a week and rest in between a day off basically. If you by any reasons you skip the second day, third by the fourth day you have gained.

The best you can do is run often and skip a day in between to rest or exercise the other days. That is, workouts. I am not too sure about diet because mine and the way I do it might be different to others. Besides, I am not a dietitian. If you lose this war, chances you might be accelerating your ageing. Easy to be caught up by any health difficulties. I hardly get flu when I run my sinus gets much better if I run often. Even if it takes only 2km, that’s better than nothing at all. Weight, it’s a war my friend.




I'm a freelance writer, a runner and a public servant in South Africa. I write about everyday life experiences.

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Malibongwe Sithelo

Malibongwe Sithelo

I'm a freelance writer, a runner and a public servant in South Africa. I write about everyday life experiences.

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