Your opinions are not one size fits all

The problem I personally have with relationship experts, preachers sometimes and motivational speakers is their proverbial sucker punch. It is always safe to say in my house this is how things are, wht we do and it works than to say couples must, should and have to do your ABC tips.

What works for you might not a cup of tea for me. I listen to professed doctors on air to some radio stations on how to have sex. They keep on saying do these and you will last in bed. Declaring your tips from the books you’ve also read from someone doesn’t always work for everyone.

You cannot tell billions of humans living on earth only need one tip or key to make it in life. My point is talk about yourself and never tell us what to do in those podiums. There is no one key that open all doors. Your opinions on what can possible work on other people’s lives is not final.

Preachers needs to stop ranting about what a child supposedly of God should live. It is up to us and God on what lives we’ve agreed on. It’s different to everyone. Why do we have different fingerprints yet there is one key solve all our problems. We different on purpose.

Motivation speakers should stop telling us to buy their books and follow their principle everything will work out. Positive thinking helps to approach circumstances sometimes but it’s not always going to pay the bills. I must get up whether I’m positive or negative and work.

There is nothing positive or negative about what I’m supposed to do. We all need energy to perform our daily duties. The motive is already there, no food on the table one has to find away. Yes, giving up early in any attempt is not ideal.

We learn from others but we don’t have to rely on what methods do they use in their spaces. I’d rather say here is what I’ve gone through, and this how I got out of the problem. Maybe you should try it. It shouldn’t be, “men must do this, women have to this, couples must follow these steps.” Someone once said, “keep your opinions to yourself. I only wanted an ear to listen.”

I'm a freelance writer, a runner and a public servant in South Africa. I write about everyday life experiences.

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